INEOS sponsoring children's health campaign

In an attempt to gloss over the child health issues surrounding fracking, INEOS have sponsored The Daily Mile campaign, which encourages schools to get their pupils to run a mile every day.

Advertised heavily on ITV (a fellow sponsor), it is trying to portray INEOS as a caring company. If you disagree, contact your local school, point out the problem, and ask them not to take part, or to organise a similar scheme without the input of INEOS. You could also email ITV ( and suggest that it is not such a good idea to link up with a fracking company.

Film night

Frack Free York and Villages will be holding a film night at Strensall Village Hall, Friday Oct 19th, starting at 7pm. The main film will be "Living With Fracking", looking at the realities of fracking in Pennsylvania. Guest speakers include the producers of the film, Jo & Steve White, Andrew Waller from City of York Council, and Simon Bowens from Friends of The Earth.

Claire Perry tries to bust some myths - and gets busted

Claire Perry MP, Minister for Energy and Clean Growth, has been circulating a "shale gas myth buster" to MPs who question her about the Government's stance on fracking. In response to each "myth" she responds with a "fact". Unfortunately, her facts are not quite right...See this excellent commentary at the website

York Conservatives object to Government plans

The Conservative group on City of York Council have registered their objection to Government plans to change the planning process for fracking developments. For the full story, click here. The group includes Paul Doughty, representing Strensall, who also signed the Frack Free UK declaration at the Carnival in June (see below).

Proposals to bypass the planning system

The Government has opened two consulations on proposed changes to the planning rules. To cut a long story short, this could mean that gas drilling and fracking could come to a field near you with our local councils having no say on the matter. You can read about it here, including links to download the documents and respond. And see the story further down this page for a petition against such a move. Also, Friends of The Earth have set up an easy way to email your local councillors - click here to start - just put in your postcode and it works it all out for you!

Strensall Carnival pop-up table

As we weren't succesful in getting a stand at Strensall Carnival, we went ahead anyway, with a pop-up table on the corner of the park. A group of us spent the afternoon answering a lot of questions, handing out leaflets and stickers, and getting signatures on the Declaration for a Frack Free UK, including that of Paul Doughty, Conservative councillor for Strensall, pictured here.

Well done to everyone who helped out.

Planning law changes

There is a very real danger that fracking could be taken out of the normal local planning procedures. A recent government statement revealed their intention to make fracking development come under the banner of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, where permission is given from central government - so fracking could come to Strensall and City of York Council would have no say on the matter. If you feel that this is wrong, and that local councils should be able to decide on fracking in their area, you can sign this petition from the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Facebook groups & other local groups

For Facebook users, there is a Frack Free Strensall group, where you can keep up to date with what is going on. Also, a new group covering the wider York area - Frack Free York & Villages - has been set up and is growing fast.

The Haxby And Wigginton Against Fracking meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, Haxby Sports Bar, 7.30pm.

The next Osbaldwick, Derwent & Heworth without meeting is on 30th July at the Cross Keys, Dunnington.

Seismic testing

Seismic testing could soon be coming to Strensall.

This is the first stage before fracking - a survey of the geology of the land beneath our feet. To do this, INEOS will be planting detectors like the ones pictured, before they send shock waves into the ground and record the results.

Landowners are being approached to allow access to their land for this, for which INEOS will pay a fee. They may also plant them near public footpaths or in other open areas.

If you see one, please let us know.

Julian Sturdy will oppose fracking - if enough of us tell him to.

Julian Sturdy MP has said that if the people of Strensall are opposed to fracking, he will back them. So let him know!

The simplest way is to send him an email - - or you could write to him c/o 1 Ash Street, Poppleton Road, York, YO26 4UR